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Web Hosting


Reliable performance, tons of features

Looking for the perfect home for your website? Then look no further.

ReD has got together with a team of proven hosting experts to offer you top web hosting services, boasting secure reliable servers and a vast array of easy to use built-in features.

We pride ourselves on ensuring exceptional quality, rapid support responses, reliable server performance, and caring customer service.

Our packages, which include shared hosting and VPS hosting plans, are designed to accommodate almost everyone. However if you require a custom package, please contact us for a quote.

With our 99% uptime guarantee, true 24/7 support and 30 day money back guarantee it’s a no-brainer.

Shared Plans

ReD Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an ideal solution to help get your site off the ground.

Unlike those offering “unlimited” storage and bandwidth with hidden catches, our clearly defined packages guarantee you receive the stated bandwidth and storage so you can plan and control the growth of your site without any unexpected surprises.

Benefit today, by choosing one of our secure, feature-packed shared plans below.

ReD Shared Hosting Plans

ReD SoloReD ProReD Ultimate
Hard Drive Space*250MB1,000MB5,000MB
Monthly Bandwidth*2GB8GB40GB
Domains Allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts10UnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL Databases2UnlimitedUnlimited
SSL CertificatesNone1Unlimited
Dedicated IP AddressNone£2/month£2/month
Monthly Costfrom £2.97from £4.97from £9.97

*With 250MB disc space you could create around 500 average-sized pages under a WordPress or other CMS install. 1,000MB could allow for around 2,000 pages and 5,000MB could allow for around 10,000 pages.
2GB monthly bandwidth allows around 5,000 monthly page views under a WordPress or other CMS install. 8GB allows around 20,000 page views and 40GB around 100,000 page views.

ReD Ultimate+

Need a bit more bandwidth or disk space?

With ReD Ultimate+ you can add as much as you need to your existing ReD Ultimate account for just £2 per 1000MB of disk space and £1.50 per 20GB of bandwidth. So you could double the monthly bandwidth of your Ultimate package for just an extra £3/month!

To enquire about our custom shared hosting solution with ReD Ultimate+, submit a request on our contact page or send an email to

For considerably more bandwidth/space and more control over your server, check out our VPS plans.

More on our shared hosting features on the next tab >

Shared Features

ReD Shared Hosting Features

All of our shared hosting packages come standard with the following great features:

  • Online Site Builder – easily create your own site and content with over 500 templates
  • 1-click Install – for WordPress, phpBB and hundreds of other popular scripts
  • True 24/7 support – helpful experienced staff online all year-round to answer any questions
  • Free Migration – transfer site, databases, email and account settings from any cPanel host
  • UK Servers – improves SEO and site performance for UK visitors
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – any month below 99.9% is free
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – get a full refund anytime within the first 30 days

Email Features

  • POP/IMAP Access – full email access via applications such as Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Mailing Lists – set up emails to multiple recipients and easily manage any subscribers
  • Email Forwarding – forward your emails to any other addresses, such as Google Mail
  • SMTP Access – send email through our servers on port 25 or 26
  • Web Based Email Access – access your emails from anywhere with online webmail
  • Auto-responders – setup automatic custom replies to any incoming mail
  • Auto Client Configuration – easily set up your email application
  • Spam and Virus Protection – SpamAssassin scans every incoming email on receipt

Account Features

  • FTP Access – easily upload content with File Transfer Protocol
  • SSH Access – complete control over you hosting account through command prompt
  • Web Based File Manager – manage your files directly using your site’s cPanel
  • Custom Error Pages – create custom 404 pages that integrate with your site design
  • IP Deny Manager – ban visitors from your site by IP address
  • phpMyAdmin – easily and quickly manage your MySQL databases
  • Protect Data – fully manage user access to password-protected files, folders or directories
  • Four Back-ups Per Day – access and restore data from our R1Soft server backups
  • Web-stats – see analysis of your site visitors and statistics with AWStats and Webalizer

VPS Hosting

ReD VPS Hosting

If you need a lot more disk space, bandwidth and greater control over your server, we recommend going for one of our VPS packages. VPS or Virtual Private Servers run in their own isolated environment and allow you to install your own software or server applications.

Our VPS servers come with their own dedicated resources with a guaranteed equal-share of CPU power and a predefined amount of RAM. You can burst up to double your guaranteed RAM.

All servers come with an easy to use, yet comprehensive control panel, allowing you to reboot and reload your server as well as view statistics.

ReD VPS Hosting Plans

ReD VPS-128ReD VPS-256ReD VPS-512ReD VPS-1024
Hard Drive Space10,000MB20,000MB30,000MB40,000MB
Monthly Bandwidth100GB200GB300GB400GB
Guaranteed RAM128MB256MB512MB1024MB
IP Address1111
Free Server ManagementNoOnly with cPanelOnly with cPanelOnly with cPanel
Optional cPanel LicenseNo£10/month£10/month£10/month
Monthly Cost£9.97£19.97£29.97£39.97

ReD VPS Hosting Features

Server Features

  • UK/US Servers – choice of ordering either UK or US based servers
  • Guaranteed RAM – resources not oversold so full extent of RAM is available for use
  • Burst RAM – allowance for brief busy periods or intense software installations
  • Full Root Access – full control with root access to own server
  • Ksplice Protected Nodes – perform instant kernel updates without rebooting server
  • Free Management – (only with cPanel license) we’ll install and configure any compatible server software for you

Control Panel Features

  • Instant OS Reboots – reboot server within control panel if unable to connect to SSH
  • Instant OS Reloads – reload any of the various operating systems available in control panel
  • Serial Console – web based SSH client
  • Stats Viewer – quickly and easily view your disc usage, bandwidth and RAM consumption
  • Change Root Password – forgot or lost passwords can be instantly changed
  • Log Viewer – view time and dates of reboots, reloads and other system tasks
  • Single Control Panel – manage all of your servers within a single control panel
  • Hostname Editor – easily edit hostname of server without need for SSH login

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Our Shared/VPS Plans

To sign up for one of our great shared or VPS plans, simply purchase through our safe and secure online system by clicking on the link below.

*** 26/11/12 **** ReD’s secure payment system is currently being updated to be even more secure – please check back soon for the link. In the meantime send us a message and we’ll set-up your hosting account for you.

Custom Plans

If you’re looking to take advantage of our custom shared hosting solutions, ReD Ultimate+, please send details of your requirements to or fill in the Get a Quote form on the contact page.

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More information?

If you have any queries or you would like to discuss your hosting needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via

We look forward to hearing from you!

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