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Web Design


The easy way

Web Design has become a congested business and with so many options and solutions on offer out there it can be confusing to know where to look and what you need in order to get an effective website online. Thankfully with ReD it couldn’t be simpler!

Sites created by ReD focus on three key areas to help you get started on the right track to online success. That’s why all ReD sites are:

Easy to Use

Easy to use

It’s your website, so you should be able to have full control of what appears on it.

With a ReD website this couldn’t be easier. All ReD sites come with the option of a free content management system (CMS), which will help you control content on your site. Whether you want to edit text, add images/video, even control which users see what, a ReD site will have you covered. You’ll be surprised how much you can do with a CMS, all without needing to know any complicated web coding. Whatever your skill level, you’ll get all the help you need in using your new CMS.

ReD sites use a range of the most well supported and respected CMSs in the industry (including WordPress, Joomla and Concrete5) so you’ll always have the perfect fit for your needs. Even if you have your own personal CMS preference, whatever system it is, a ReD site can help you put it to good use.

For a reliable home for your site and CMS, see ReD’s top web hosting services.

Easy to Find

Easy to find

If people can’t find you online, you might as well not be online

With the internet estimated to hold over one trillion web pages (yes, 12 zeros) it’s understandable that virtually everyone’s first port of call when looking for information online is to use search engines. Therefore if you’re not appearing on the major search engine’s results pages then it’s very likely no-one is finding your website. However for your site to benefit from such search engines you need to play by their rules, i.e. ensure your site is search engine optimized (SEO).

That’s where ReD, your SEO web design company, have got you covered. All ReD sites are SEO-friendly by standard to ensure that search engines pick up your site when people are searching for it.

If you want to take your site’s SEO to the next level by targeting specific keywords and specific markets, take advantage of ReD’s SEO & Marketing services.

Easy on the Eye

Easy on the eye

Good design is more than just about looks, it’s about effective communication

Web surfers are an impatient bunch. If they reach your website but find your site confusing and difficult to navigate or the information too difficult to read or follow, they’ll happily click on that browser back button and look elsewhere. Apart from this negatively effecting your performance with the search engines, it’s obviously not ideal if you’re trying to develop an ongoing relationship with your visitors.

Fortunately with a ReD site you can benefit from not just a tailor-made design for your brand but also one that will effectively communicate what you’re all about. Using the latest web standards, ReD sites benefit from beautiful typography, clean layouts and effective imagery to convey your brand in the way that you want.

In addition if you’re looking for a new logo or even a more comprehensive design solution than just a website, see ReD’s Branding services.



As all ReD sites are unique and created for your specific needs it’s impossible to set a one-price-for-all plan. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of your requirements, your deadline and other work commitments ReD is already engaged in.

However this page hopes to shed some light on the likely prices your ReD site may cost by listing some examples below.

To receive a specific price for your web design project please simply fill in the Get a quote form on the contact page.

  • CMS/theme install only – from £50
  • Install a CMS (Content Management System, such as WordPress, Joomla or Concrete5) with chosen free theme online for a quick start web site solution

  • Simple custom static site – from £250
  • Basic custom designed website without the functionality and benefits of a ReD CMS powered site.

  • ReD CMS site – from £500
  • Enjoy the benefits of a ReD CMS powered site, custom designed to be easy to use, easy to find and easy on the eye.

  • Advanced ReD CMS site – from £1,000
  • All the benefits of a ReD CMS website with custom advanced functionality, such as e-commerce, members areas or anything else deemed time consuming to implement.

Web Maintenance

Don’t have time to maintain your CMS? ReD can do it for you!

It’s absolutely essential to regularly back-up your site and keep your ReD CMS installation and plugins up to date to prevent any security vulnerabilities. It’s really simple in most cases to do and we can help show you how (email However if you’d prefer not to have to worry about site maintenance, ReD will be happy to do so for you for a small fee of £19.97/month.

For more information email

Content Management

No time to moderate all those comments, or keep formatting all that new content?

Then ReD Content Management can help. For a small hourly rate, billed monthly, ReD will be happy to handle any content or front-end changes you require for your site.

For more information email

It’s easy to get started too!

Simply fill in the Get a Quote form on the contact page or send an email over to

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