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SEO & Marketing

ReD’s SEO and Online Marketing services, while different in practice, both have the same goal of helping you engage with your customers and positively promote your business.

SEO – be noticed

SEO – be noticed

Drive traffic to your website with ReD’s SEO targeted keywords and incoming links.

One of the most likely ways a web user will stumble across your site is via a search engine so it’s vital that your site performs well on such sites. While you can pay these search engines hefty amounts to regularly appear as a sponsored result, it’s always best to actually appear high up within the actual search results themselves, which is what the majority of users will click on anyway. In order to do so you’ll need to play by their rules and optimize your site for search engines, i.e SEO (search engine optimization).

While all ReD Web Designed sites are already SEO-friendly, ReD also offer specialized SEO services to help target more specific search terms and create incoming links to your site to boost it’s search engine performance.

The key to ReD SEO is effective keyword research, which finds not just terms that are searched for regularly by people actually looking for your type of content or business, but keywords that also have relatively little competition on the results pages, competition that ReD SEO can help you outperform and dominate.

As well as finding these appropriate keywords, ReD’s SEO services can also successfully apply these search terms to your site code and content effectively for maximum results. To boost your site’s performance for such search terms ReD SEO services also offer various techniques to create high quality incoming links to your site, generating traffic to your content and business.

Marketing – be social

Online Marketing – be social

Engage using social media and email marketing to target specific demographics.

Over the last few years, social media has completely revolutionized the way that people world-wide communicate and share information about themselves. An increasing number of companies and businesses are jumping on to the web 2.0 bandwagon, being able to engage with their customers like never before. Not only can social media make communication easier but with the amount of personal information collected by such social sites, businesses can obviously learn a lot about their customers but also target their brand to specific demographics and audiences.

ReD Online Marketing can assist you in creating a brand orientated presence on such social media sites and easily link it to your current website, allowing easy engagement with your visitors and generating more interest in your site. Along with targeted advertising on such platforms, ReD can also help you successfully design and organize email marketing campaign material to further engage and promote your business.



Every site is unique and therefore will have it’s own SEO and marketing requirements so it’s impossible to set a one-price-for-all plan. Prices will vary depending on the complexity and scale of your requirements, your deadline and other work commitments ReD is already engaged in.

However this page hopes to shed some light on the likely costs of various SEO and marketing techniques available.

  • SEO Keyword Research and Integration – from £200
    Boost your search engine performance by having ReD SEO keywords implemented to your site content and code.
  • Link Building with 30+ Social Media Accounts£50 for all or £5 per account.
    Have accounts and profiles with uo to 30 of the most popular social media sites created and automatically kept updated, creating valuable back-links each time you add new content to your site.
  • RSS Directory Submission£10
    Have your website, Facebook and Twitter RSS feeds submitted to popular RSS directories to create more valuable back-links to your website.
  • Social Media Integration – from £50
    Integrate your ReD CMS site with dozens of the top social sites by allowing visitors to easily “like”, tweet, comment and share your content, while automatically keeping your Twitter and Facebook pages up to date with new site content.
  • Custom Twitter Profile Design£50
    Custom background, color scheme and avatar to make your Twitter account unique and appeal to your target audience.
  • Custom Facebook Fan Page Design – from £100
    Boost your performance on Facebook with a custom designed Fan Page.
  • ReD Powered Facebook Fan Page – from £500
    Take your Facebook Fan Page to the next level with a fully functioning CMS powered ReD website built straight into your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Email Marketing Set-up and Site Integration – from £50
    Easily communicate with subscribers via a professional email marketing service, which integrates with sign-up forms on your ReD site to allow your site visitors to easily subscribe
  • HTML Email Template Design – from £150
    Have beautifully custom designed email templates designed for your email campaigns.

To receive a specific price for your SEO and marketing needs please simply fill in the Get a Quote form on the contact page.

More Information

For more information about ReD SEO and marketing, please drop an email over to or fill in the Get a Quote form on the contact page.

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