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Branding – jump out of the crowd

Jump out of the crowd

A striking brand identity that conveys who you are is integral to success

Potential customers are always more likely to deal with people and businesses that they feel familiar with or get a sense that they can trust. Therefore it’s vital to successfully communicate what your business is all about, convincing potential customers that you’re the obvious choice. An essential step in doing just that is creating a brand identity.

A brand identity is what conveys the very essence of your business, what your core values are and what you deliver to your customers. A brand very much creates the initial impression potential customers have of your business, giving it a reputable and unique personality that customers can build a relationship with.

Your branding, logo design company is here

With ReD branding, you can ensure you always convey your business personality to your desired audience. Whether it’s a new logo, business card or other promotional material for either web or print media, ReD branding will help you jump out of the crowd.


Every brand should be unique so it’s impossible to set a one-price-for-all plan. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of your requirements, your deadline and other work commitments ReD is already engaged in.

However this page hopes to shed some light on the likely prices your ReD branding may cost by listing some examples below.

To receive a specific price for your branding project please simply fill in the Get a Quote form on the contact page.

  • Logo Conversion – from £50
    Have an existing logo or drawing converted into a professionally designed logo for ease of use in different media
  • Custom Logo Design – from £200
    Have a brand new custom logo professionally designed for ease of use in different media
  • Simple Business Card Design – from £50
    Have a standard business card designed with your current logo and details
  • Custom Business Card Design – from £200
    Have a custom business card designed to fit your own brand and requirements

For quotes on branding other promotional material for either web or print media, fill in the Get a quote form on the contact page.

More Information

For more information about ReD branding, please drop an email over to

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