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How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed URL

Twitter logoCan’t find your Twitter RSS feed URL? Want to subscribe to another user’s tweets via their RSS feed? This quick tutorial will show you how you can be accessing Twitter RSS feeds in no time!
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Change Facebook Email Address of Your Facebook Fan Page or Profile

Facebook IconEmail addresses are essential for logging in to your Facebook account and also for receiving Facebook email notifications. But what if you want to change Facebook email address details after you’ve signed up? Perhaps you don’t want notifications to bombard your main email address or you’ve changed your email address? Not a problem. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change Facebook email address settings.

Also boost your Facebook presence with ReD SEO & Marketing service’s custom Facebook Fan Pages >

Change Facebook Email Address Tutorial:
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Brand sparkling new ReD!

Welcome to the new home of ReD!

So there’s been a number of changes around here – most noticeably the design change!
Gone is the 2 year old white and red (pink on some screens) design of old and in is a new streamlined offering with fancy fonts, bells and whistles. Compare it to the old site on the web archive here.

So apart from the new design what’s new? Well a few things – here’s a quick rundown.
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Easily Fixing the WordPress “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size…” Issue

WordPress TipsIf you use a lot of plugins on your WordPress site then you may have run into the WordPress error message – “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate x bytes) in…”. This occurs when WordPress exceeds it’s set memory limit, and can commonly occur when performing auto-upgrades to newer versions of WordPress.

Reducing the amount of activated plugins can help and is advisable but not always practical, especially if your plugins are all essential to the running of your WordPress site. So what else can be done to fix this issue?

Well below are a few simple steps to easily increase the WordPress memory limit from it’s default ’32M’ to ’64M’.

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Portfolio + 20% Hosting Discount

[Update 21/10/11: Now that ReD has it’s own web hosting offering – the old hosting recommendation page has closed]

Along with the Portfolio section that went up a few weeks back, which you can explore to see what work I’ve been doing lately, I’ve also added a Hosting section so you can now easily find out which hosts I recommend for your WordPress blogs and websites.

You’ll find there a 20% discount that I’m offering on the #1 host listed so it’s even better value then ever!

Will be keeping the page up to date with any further offers and recommendations so would be interested to know what your comments are on the featured hosts.

Are these hosts any good? Any other hosting companies you would recommend?

New Site Launched!

Welcome to the brand new home of ReD!

The new site design has finally been launched.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new look by leaving a comment below.

If you find any problems with the new site please send a message using the contact form on the top-right hand side of the page (or email

More content is going to be added over the next few weeks so make sure you check back soon!