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How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed URL

Twitter logoCan’t find your Twitter RSS feed URL? Want to subscribe to another user’s tweets via their RSS feed? This quick tutorial will show you how you can be accessing Twitter RSS feeds in no time!

Update 15/12/12:

Twitter have gone and changed their RSS Feed URLs once again! So you’ll need to update all your links I’m afraid. The good news though is you no longer need to know your unique Twitter ID as the feed URL now uses your Twitter username instead.¬†All Twitter RSS feed URL’s now follow the format below:

All you have to do is replace xxxxx with the appropriate Twitter username, e.g. ReD’s Twitter feed below:

That’s it! You can ignore the post below


Twitter RSS Feed URL

Subscribing to a Twitter RSS feeds used to be a simple click of a button not too long ago but even with that easy option removed you can still access Twitter RSS feeds. The key is to find the Twitter RSS feed URL (or web address) for the specific user you’d like to subscribe to.

All Twitter RSS feed URL’s follow the same format and look something like:

All we have to do is replace the XXXXXXXXX part of the web address with the Twitter user’s unique ID. How do you find your ID?

Finding a Twitter User’s ID

There are a number of sites that can find your Twitter ID for you, such as Simply type in your Twitter username and it’ll tell you what you unique ID is.

For instance enter ReD’s twitter user “REssienDesign” and we get back ID: 392626893.

Access a Twitter RSS Feed

Now that we have the Twitter ID, simply add it to the Twitter RSS feed URL (replacing the XXXXXXXXX) to access your feeds!

As an example ReD’s twitter ID is 392626893 so the RSS feed URL would be:

Now that you’ve got your Twitter RSS feed URL, you can directly click and view the feed or subscribe via the RSS reader of your choice!

Does this work for you? Any other techniques or suggestions in using Twitter RSS feeds?

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