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Change Facebook Email Address of Your Facebook Fan Page or Profile

Facebook IconEmail addresses are essential for logging in to your Facebook account and also for receiving Facebook email notifications. But what if you want to change Facebook email address details after you’ve signed up? Perhaps you don’t want notifications to bombard your main email address or you’ve changed your email address? Not a problem. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change Facebook email address settings.

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Change Facebook Email Address Tutorial:

Add new Facebook email address

Step 1: Facebook top bar

Step 1: When on your Facebook fan page or public profile you should see a blue bar along the top of the webpage. On the top right hand side of that bar are various options. To access email settings we simply need to click on Settings.

Step 2: Edit email options (click to enlarge)

Step 2: Clicking on Settings should take you to the General settings of your Facebook account. The first option on this screen is for Email. Click on the Edit option beside your current primary email address.

Step 3: Add Email (click to enlarge)

Step 3: The email tab will slide open to reveal an option to Add another email address – select this option.

Step 4: Enter Email Details (click to enlarge)

Step 4: You will then be given the option to enter in another email address for use on Facebook. Once you’ve done so confirm your password and click on Save Changes.

Confirm new Facebook email address

Step 5: Confirm email message

Step 5: Once you have saved your new email address, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to that email’s inbox. You will need to access your email inbox and open that confirmation email, which contains a link you’ll need to click on.

Step 6: Confirmation email (click to enlarge)

Step 6: Clicking on the link in the confirmation email will confirm your email address and send you back to the Facebook website.

Step 7: Select new primary address (click to enlarge)

Step 7: Enter your Settings screen again (see Step 1) and now select your new email address as the primary email address for your Facebook account. Enter your password and Save Changes once again.

Remove old Facebook email address

Your new primary Facebook address is the one that will now be used for notifications and logging in so if you want to you can completely remove your previous primary email address.

Step 8: Remove email (click to enlarge)

Step 8: To do so enter your Settings screen once again (see step 1) and under the email tab (see Step 2) click on Remove by the side of the old email address.

Step 9: Confirm Removal (click to enlarge)

Step 9: Clicking on Remove will make a strike appear through that email address. To confirm the removal of that email address, enter your password and select Save Changes.

And you’re done! You’ve now successfully changed your Facebook email address.

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