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Brand sparkling new ReD!

Welcome to the new home of ReD!

So there’s been a number of changes around here – most noticeably the design change!
Gone is the 2 year old white and red (pink on some screens) design of old and in is a new streamlined offering with fancy fonts, bells and whistles. Compare it to the old site on the web archive here.

So apart from the new design what’s new? Well a few things – here’s a quick rundown.

1. ReD has dropped the “s”!

The “s”? OK, ReD no longer stands for Robert Essien Designs but now stands for Robert Essien Design. Why? I think it sounds better – that’s all.

2. It’s a lot clearer what ReD does now

Lots of work has been put into adding meat to the bares bones of what was the services section of the old site. ReD’s been doing far more than just WordPress themes for sometime now, including SEO, hosting and more so all that’s now clearly reflected on the site. Check out the services and portfolio updates to see what’s been happening and what’s now on offer.

3. ReD’s gone social!

You can now find ReD on Twitter and Facebook, as well as easily accessing the RSS feeds and subscribing to the ReD newsletter. Incentives for subscribing, liking, retweeting etc. will soon see the light of day – once I’ve actually thought of what they should be! Suggestions welcome.

4. and finally ReD is a blog!

But ReD’s always been a blog? This is true. Between November-December 2009 there were posts. Perhaps there will be more posts between November-December 2011? That’s the idea anyway.

There’s plenty more that’s happened behind the scenes of the site and there’s plenty more to come too.

So, what do you make of the new ReD site?

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